Posted by: Beth | December 28, 2020

Coming? Going?


As I was listening during our Sunday School class yesterday, I reached up to touch my necklace.  I don’t know why.  It’s just a thing people do. But something felt weird. My sweater collar seemed …. out of place.  As soon as the men were out of the room I looked, and sure enough, there’s the tag, right in front.  No, wrongly in front.  Like most folks who’ve been to camp or lived with a bunch of people, I can fix that without taking off my sweater.  So I pulled in my arms, turned the sweater around, stopping a couple times to untangle the loose threads from my new $14.95 three-tone “gold” ring, and eventually get straightened out.

This morning while brushing my teeth I glanced in the mirror and thought, “Uh, ummm, there’s supposed to be a black triangle at the collar of this pajama shirt. What in the world? Not again.” Sigh.  Yes, again.  In less than 24 hours I put on a top backwards, not once but twice, which happens to be the only two times I changed clothes.  Hey- I’m batting 1000 at something 😊 !!

I have lived through times when I would not have been surprised that my clothes were on backwards.  I have glanced back at some calendars (yes, I am a pack rat) and thought that there is NO way on this earth we could have done all that, but we did.  Doctor appointments, dance, baseball, hospital stays (not mine), school, church activities several times a week and of course the laundry, meals, dishes, and grocery shopping took care of themselves (HA!).

But recently, thanks to government recommendations, guidelines, and mandates; the spread of a virus, fear, and uncertainty; and none of us really knowing what is safe and what isn’t, we had a very un-busy holiday season.  No family gatherings.  No parades to attend or participate in.  No Christmas program. No church-wide dinner nor small-group parties. No trips out of town. We did a number of things as a family that we enjoyed, but overall the pace was much slower and the stress much lower than any other Christmas in my life.

And NOW I wear my clothes backwards?!?!!!

So if you happen to see me in the grocery store or NP’s office and my shirt is backwards, just tap me on the shoulder and say, “Hey … Backwards Day is not until March.”


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