Posted by: Beth | January 21, 2021


We ask the questions.

Where did I go so wrong?

How did this happen?

What did I misunderstand so badly?

Who am I really following?

When did I get off-track?

And then one day, one moment, the questions change.

Where am I now? Where am I to go?

How will I get there?

What do I need to learn to get there?

Who should I be following?

When will I start?

We are here – at this time and in this place.

Where we go as a community or nation is dependent on a lot of things beyond any one person’s control.  Where each of us goes individually depends largely on the decisions we make as individuals.

We will depend on our faithful support group, and our God.

We will probably learn that we need to learn more than we can, but we will do the best with what we know at any given time.  We will seek to increase our knowledge and our wisdom.

We must act in a way that reflects who our mouths say we are following.

When? Hopefully soon.  Today is not too early.


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