Posted by: Beth | April 29, 2021

Random Ramblings

Manure moments are a part of every life.  Sometimes you wallow in it and wear the stench for all to see and smell.  Sometimes you mix it well with the rest of life so that it produces beautiful, sweet experiences for all around you.

That person who “has it all together” and handles the bumps and twists and turns of life so well has probably experienced more than you want to know.  Thank God for their perseverance.

Coffee, sunrise, and conversation with God are a great start to the day.  I am thankful for friends who encourage me to be consistent with reading the Word and praying intentionally.

Sunshine brightens the day, disinfects, and is essential for growth of plants and animals. The light of the Son brightens our days, cleanses our spirits, and is essential for our spiritual growth.

Gentle showers coax seeds to sprout and grow, bringing new life from the soil. Devasting deluges level landscapes. Both are rainwater.

A can opener leaves a sharp edge on the can.  If you are forgetful and careless, pain and blood remind you. It’s good to have bandages on hand.

A little sugar helps the medicine go down.  A lot of sugar can cause you to need medicine.

Fall football, early spring baseball, cold winter nights, watching TV, after playing in summer rains, not feeling well, reading a book — every life has a time of needing a fuzzy, warm blanket.

Those tree leaves almost hide the sunrise.  They also provide much-loved shade during the heat of the day.

See the mess.  Grieve the mess. Accept the blessings. Choose gratitude.


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