Posted by: Beth | May 9, 2021

“nuther Mama”

To my “nuther mama”:  Thank you!

For piles of shredded Kleenex and a worn-out Floyd Cramer 45 when I was a toddler.

For loving us so much and making us “toe the line” so well as children that my cousin and I could get along at your house even when we fought everywhere else.

For trusting me to drive you everywhere while you recovered from surgery – when I was all of sixteen years old.

For pretending I didn’t wake you when I came in late from a date during that summer.

For letting me invade your home and drink your coffee while I went to college.

For being such a devoted caregiver to many – my mama, your mama, your husband, and us your children by birth and otherwise.

For beating Mama at Scrabble because I rarely could.

To you and your daughter for trips to the beach and the mountains.

For lunch out.

For shopping at K-Mart, even during thunderstorms.

For listening.

For sharing.

For caring.

For saying, “I have no idea what I would do” (in that situation).

For being you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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