Posted by: Beth | November 5, 2021

How Many?

Thanksgiving – November 5

c. 2000

our house, rural area of SC

We were part of a group hosting a weekly meeting with children at a local apartment complex. We would tell a Bible story, play some games, complete a craft, and eat a snack – standard weekly children’s activities.

Our house and yard are not huge, but when you’re used to living on concrete and asphalt, two acres of grass and trees might be a different experience.  So, we invited a number of the children to come over for an afternoon.  As I remember, we all had a good time.  

When we first arrived (yes, I provided transportation), one of the children said, “WOW! You have a BIG yard!”  I grew up really out in the country, out past the sticks and into the twigs. So, I think this lot is small. Perspective.

Once we were in the back yard, one of the little boys looked around (You could see a few homes from our yard.) and asked, “How many people have you seen shot here?”

He didn’t ask “HAVE you seen anyone shot?”  He asked “HOW MANY have you seen shot?”

Uh, none. 

Many of us like to think that in a rural area or a small town, that children grow up feeling safe.  Not so. In the midst of a happy, fun-filled afternoon of crafts and food, that one question changed my perspective of life in our county.  While I live here in a bit of (blessed, to be honest) ignorance, just a few miles away preschool children know the reality of gunshots literally in their yard.  Perspective. Awareness of what is around us. Mine changed that day.

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