Posted by: Beth | March 7, 2021

Now and Always

Just give me a sec
In a minute

Time is such a weird thing.  An afternoon spent laughing with friends is gone in the blink of an eye.  An hour spent staring at a math test when you can’t remember any of the formulas seems like eternity.  To the grandparent who wants to give gifts to over twenty grandchildren, you turn around twice and it’s Christmas again.  Meanwhile, to those children, from Christmas to a birthday is for-ev-er! 

Last night we had a little talk about how to get children to understand that the choices they make now are setting a pattern for the rest of their lives but the consequences are so much greater as you get older.  Well, for this particular child we now need to be prepared for questions like “Do you have enough money to pay the mortgage?” “Can we pay the light bill this month?” “Are you sure we can buy enough food?” “Have you done anything to go to jail?” “What’s so bad about losing a job? You did and you’re okay.” I’m thankful he has learned to look at a calendar and wait for days and weeks until an event. He counts hours or minutes with exactness. He counts months until his birthday.   But when it comes to things other than a specific event, then and now are not easily distinguished. At that moment in the conversation, I had a lightbulb moment.  Some children, and I realized this morning a number of adults I know, live in eternity.  Everything is now and everything is always.  That trait is maddening to those of us who live by a calendar and a clock, even if I do round times to the nearest quarter hour, which in turn drives my be-precise!-minded friends crazy.

            I awoke thinking about that concept.  Everything is now. Everything is forever.  I hope that on the other side of this life I have a new brain, because this one can not quite grasp the idea of life without time that steadily moves forward.  In the meantime, perhaps I will be a little more gracious to those who seem to have no sense of time, and more thankful for those who do live by a clock and a calendar.

            If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. – Romans 12:18 CSB


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