Posted by: Beth | March 7, 2021

Take Heart, Teacher

Take heart, Teacher, and be encouraged.  You will be appreciated.

Public school, private school, charter school, home school.
College prep, unschooling, classical education, laid-back eclectic.
Academics, sports, fine arts, technical skills.

Tie a shoelace.
Learn to add.
Hit a home run.
Play Mozart.
Give a speech.
Ace the ACT.
Be kind to others.

Prepare a meal.
Milk a goat.
Change a tire.
Serve food with flair.
Repair equipment.
Lead well.
Help others heal.

Teacher, whatever your official title, you enable others to become who they are meant to be. 

Teacher Appreciation Day may bring you many gifts.  It may bring none. But there are times when current or former students think kindly of you and know without a doubt that you are a part of their success stories.

Perhaps it will be on Graduation Day.  Maybe it will be the day your student becomes a teacher.  It may be the day your pet died; the week you are kicked and spit upon; the day you stood up for the underling; following weeks of encouragement to struggling learners; your patient, consistent correction of bad behaviors; your flair for presenting history or making math class fun.

If it is not today, Teacher, be patient.  Appreciation is there, and one day you will see it.  And it will be so sweet.


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