Posted by: Beth | July 14, 2021

Same Message

Oh dear Lord, why do I have to keep taking all these vitamins and medicines? Yeah, yeah. I know.  One is for blood pressure and another is for thyroid.  Because of a genetic thing my body doesn’t methylate B12 so to have any energy at all I need that. My brain won’t slow down at night so it’s magnesium and calcium to the rescue.  Hey!  How about I just eat a banana split every night? Huh, huh, huh?  I love a banana split. Banana has magnesium; ice cream has calcium.  Oh, yeah.  Just a touch too much sugar too late. Oh, whatever.

Yes, whatever.  Can you at least be grateful you have access to those supplements and medicines and professionals who know more than you do about figuring out which ones to take? You do have a choice, you know.  You could just stop taking any of them.

WAIT RIGHT THERE!  I don’t think so.  If I miss them a few days I feel awful.  And there’s a few I dare not miss a dose.  It’s just not a good thing for me nor anyone around me.

You were just complaining about taking them.  And now you’re justifying why you should.  You’re confusing – or confused – or both.

Oh I don’t know!  I know I need them but I just get tired.  Tired of taking them.  Tired of going to the doctor. Tired of paying for them.  I’ve tried eating right and I still needed some of them.

Why can’t you just wave a magic wand or let me wake up one day and all is well with my body and soul?

You don’t need magic?  LOL. I’m sure you don’t!  And all will be well?  I like that idea!  I won’t need vitamins and medicines and a heating pad.  AND people will get along and not be fussing? And I can visit with my friends instead of working opposite shifts? Really?!

Uh, wait a minute.  I’m not so sure I’m ready to check out of this world, if that’s what you have in mind. 

So I better suck it up buttercup and deal with all this mess?


Okay, let me be sure I’ve got this right.  Spend some time with you IN THE QUIET.  (yeah, because quiet and calm are so easy to find … not). Listen for you even in the noisy times.  Write out some scriptures and put them where I’ll see them with little effort (that would be beside the coffee pot). Let you fill me with your peace. (I like that idea.) Focus on your words instead of the storms around me.  Yep … sounds like what I’ve heard for years.

It is what you’ve heard for years.  The message is the same.  You forget it.  You get distracted by arguments and illness and busyness. But I am here. I love you. I will help you.  I will be with you – when the routines are tiring, when the sunsets are breath-taking, when people can’t get along, when children hug you, when people talk terribly about you, when you can’t see the sunrise for the fog, when the walls are closing in, and when celebrations abound.  Breathe.  Let my love and grace fill you, and then share it with others.

(Perhaps one day I will look up the scriptures that support the encouragement above, but it will not be this morning.)


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