Posted by: Beth | October 5, 2021


I whine, moan, and complain so much that I thought I’d share some good news.  Of course, it has some whining and complaining involved.

Yesterday was not a stellar day.  I’m not sure I’d rank it anywhere above so-so.  However, it had a sweet ending.  A not-little-anymore boy wanted to be snuggled into my side with my arm around him as he drifted off to sleep.  That’s sweetness.  That’s trust. That’s peaceful.  I like that.

My first few minutes of being awake yesterday were glorious!

More whining and moaning are in the background information for the glorious to make sense.  For weeks, months, (years, maybe?), when I first get out of bed – or out of a car or any seat where I’ve been for an hour or more – I hobble.  It’s like the bottoms of my feet and my legs and joints have forgotten how to move smoothly.  I move around a few minutes and I’m okay.   A few weeks ago I stepped on an L-shaped piece of metal.  It hit my lower left shin.  It didn’t break or tear anything (yes, I had it checked) but it was sore for days!  Over the next few weeks, the pain moved into my foot, my right knee hurt from compensating, and I have been generally grumpy.  I’ve been taking some supplements to fight off a low-grade (not enough to cause a fever) infection and some anti-inflammatory ones.  (Yes, under the direction of a health care professional.)  I’ve also been unusually whiney and weepy for a few days. 

So, night before last the situation ramped up a bit.  The pain was not just in my shin.  It was in the top of my foot, and in my ankle, and my right knee felt like it may need a doctor’s attention. Then my left elbow felt like tendonitis. Then the bottom of my foot hurt, and my right hip, and my shoulders.  I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.  I admit it.  I was crying quiet tears and took something for the pain.  My back hurt.  I made myself read to the boys anyway.  The medicine kicked in and I slept.

And I awoke.  And I lay there a moment.  No pain.  None.  Not my back, not my hip (which is an off-and-on thing), not my foot, not my sinuses, not nothing. I gently moved to get out of bed. No hobbling.  Was this real? I continued to move gently to the bathroom and then the kitchen.  Wow!  Really, no pain.  Not sure what happened.  Tried to figure out if I did anything different.  I don’t think so.  I didn’t even pray differently.  A little later as I was reading a morning devotional, I realized my neck wasn’t stiff at all. That’s odd, too, first thing in the morning.  So, okay, I didn’t do anything.  This is ALL good.  I’ll put it in the miracle column, say thank you to God, and go on about my day.

I could end this here, but I will add two things.  I did have a couple aches this morning when I arose, but really nothing worth mentioning.  I am SO, SO much better than a week ago. When I saw my NP yesterday, she said it could have been that whatever infection I was fighting gave its last hoorah the night I was hurting and crying.  I’m familiar with the principle. When using homeopathic and herbal remedies, there is often a healing crisis just before you get well.   

I close this with a grateful heart and prayers for a God-lead day.


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