Posted by: Beth | October 31, 2021

Hope – and an empty bucket

Hope. An empty Trick or Treat bucket.  They go together?  How in the world?!

On this day, Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021, they go together WONDERFULLY!

The day began with the end-of-season celebration at Miracle League.  Since it’s the day before Halloween, of course there is a trunk or treat to end the festivities. An “ingrafted” family member (one of those not born into the family but we treat her as such) walked around with the boys as they collected candy and other treats, while I gave away candy and books. Amazing fact 1 of the day: both boys were very agreeable to leaving their candy buckets in the back of the Jeep on the way home.

 I’m thankful they realize how badly red40 food coloring affects their behavior. The older child had told people he couldn’t have red40 and most folks gave him something else. But they are still children, and sometimes having to give up half your loot can be an ordeal.  Amazing fact #2: They didn’t complain about getting rid of a good bit of the candy.  Yes, they still had enough to keep several dentists in business.

Fast forward to the evening.  Hayrides Through Trunks of Treats at our church.  This time the five-year-old stayed with me and gave out candy (and books, until we gave out, which sadly was long before the line of children ended). Our ingrafted daughter also gave out candy and the older child hung out with friends after collecting his treats during a hayride. We had many more people come through than we anticipated.  We ran out of candy several times, and a “candy runner” came by with more. The younger child had made a ride through the event and collected candy.  At one point, I went through his candy, got out what he couldn’t have, and put it in the give-away bowl.  Later, we were almost out again.  That child dumped his bucket into the give-away bowl.  I asked, “Why did you do that?  That was all of your candy.  You didn’t have to.” 

He replied, “I have more at home and I want to share.”  A five-year-old did that. 

And when we were all together again and the older child heard the story, he said, “I’ll share mine with you.”  And he did.

And that is how hope and an empty trick or treat bucket go together.  Bringing up children can be overwhelming.  Tonight, I see hope.  I see character traits I like. And in the future, possibly as soon as tomorrow, when they are fussing and claiming “Mine!” and “He has to give that back!” and even slinging things at each other, I will remember this evening.  Somewhere in their hearts and souls are the seeds of compassion and sharing, and seeds can grow.


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