Posted by: Beth | November 2, 2021

Thanksgiving Advent – Nov 2, 2021






Aren’t these things we want to be?  Content, satisfied – having all we need?  We especially want others to be appreciative and thankful for what we do for them.  Are we appreciative and thankful for what others do for us?  Are we grateful for what we do have?

Some days, honestly, isn’t it easier to be discontent and grumpy?  I have had days when I said, “I’m in a bad mood.  I’m grumpy and discomgaligumphilated and leave me alone.  I want to stay this way.”  I doubt you find that word in a dictionary.  It means all those grumpy, unsatisfied, out-of-sorts-with-the-world feelings that you just don’t know a word to use to describe them.  And I bet you’ve had some moments like that.  I’ve had days when I really wanted to wallow around in my sorrow and pity party rather than get out of the funk.


There is life to live.  As long as we have a pulse.

Some of you are facing a holiday season for the first time without a loved one (or two or more).  Some of you are over-the-moon happy because after a year or more of not seeing family and friends, THIS is the year everyone gets together to eat and exchange gifts, and everyone is living to tell the tales of 2020.  Some of you are determined to have a great time with family in spite of sickness. Given the last two years, most of us are dealing with a mixture of despair and yearning for happiness.

This I have learned.  Happiness is fleeting.  Joy comes in the morning (ok, I admit it – I am a morning person not a night owl). Each day can bring a fresh start.  Taking a few moments to reflect on something pleasant and calming helps the rest of the day go better.

Today, take five minutes.  Set an alarm if you’re crunched for time.  Take just five minutes.  Breathe.  Make a list on paper or mentally of a few things you have for which you are grateful.  If sadness is weighing you down, cry during these moments.  Sing or listen to a song that brings a smile to your face.  You are on your way to a grateful November.

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. – Paul’s letter to the Philippians

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