Posted by: Beth | November 3, 2021

What? No muffins?!?!!??!!

Thanksgiving Advent – November 3

What!!?!?!!? No muffins??!!!?!!!

But I have to have a muffin!  Toasted. With butter. With cheese on half and honey, cinnamon, and clove on the other half.  I just gotta.  It’s breakfast. But no muffins. Who ate the last one AND left the box in the freezer? My day is ruined.  Just shot, before it’s even started.

Okay, so there is other bread here.  And other breakfast food. Oatmeal. Grits. Rice. Bacon. There is PLENTY of food, breakfast food even.  BUT I WANT THAT MUFFIN that isn’t available.

That was not a child.  It was me.  A grown woman. A mother. A grandmother.  A caregiver who is trying to teach grandchildren to be grateful for what they have.   Do you see a bit of a problem here?

Before I can teach these young ones anything about character, I need to live it out myself.  I want them to be grateful.  We have so very many things, material things and the intangible ones that are really more important, for which to be thankful. 

To be grateful, we must see something for which we are thankful.  We must be aware of what we have and what we don’t have.  Before we can grow that attitude of gratitude, we need to see our circumstances clearly. We need to be in touch with reality.

My reality on no-gluten-free-English-muffin day was that I had lots of options and I needed to stop acting like a spoiled brat. 

So today, three weeks until Thanksgiving Eve, how is our attitude?  How is our connection with reality?

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