Posted by: Beth | November 7, 2021

Learn to Pause

Thanksgiving – November 7

Do you remember life before the pause button?

As a child, I had one chance a year at seeing The Wizard of Oz, Rudolf, or A Charlie Brown Christmas. By the time my sister came along, we had VHS (if you’re under 30, just don’t even ask).  Then along came DVD, internet videos, DVR (What? You can pause “live” TV?), and probably other things I know nothing about.

We would run to the bathroom or to get a drink during commercials so we wouldn’t miss anything during a favorite show. Now, all you do is hit “pause” and start right where you left off.  I often tell the grandchildren, “just hit pause and come on.”  Entertainment is oh so convenient. 

Yesterday was a different kind of pause.

In the space of a few hours, this is part of what happened, probably not in this order.

Arrive home from helping with a family project
Scarf down leftovers for a very late lunch
Child care helper brings boys home from a fall festival (read CANDY).
Boys bored from two cold days spent mostly indoors (bored and generally very active, put those two together in your imagination)
Go to bathroom to see sand poured over the tile.
Ask “Where is the broom that is NOT hanging where it’s supposed to?”
While looking for broom see birdseed on the floor
“Never mind Nannie. You don’t need it. I made a path through the sand to the sink.”
Talk about whether I had ordered something for a repair at the house
Arguing over which pages to look at in a toy catalogue
Trying to look up some information online
Phone calls and texts
Husband (finally!) leaving for the store honks the horn
I figure it’s an accident.
Child runs in saying, “Nannie, Nannie!  Bebe said come look at the sunset!”

So I put on a sweater, grabbed my phone, went outside, and looked westward.

It was gorgeous.

The air was cold. The neighborhood, quiet. As another day came to an end, most of what worried me was not really a big deal.  The sun will come up tomorrow.  We have another chance to get chores done and hopefully teach little boys how to become gentlemen.

I did find a broom.  I prefer to feel like  I’m walking on a beach when I am really there 😊

#bgwww21  @bgta21

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