Posted by: Beth | November 27, 2021

Some Things That Make Life a Bit Easier

I’m not always right. Neither is anyone else.

A degree means you’ve studied and passed tests, not that you are wise.

Empathy goes a long way.

We can disagree on politics, child-rearing, religion, and what to have for dinner, and still be friends because we respect each other.

Most of us are hurting about something. Some hide it well. Be easy on folks.

Most of my troubles have at least one root in a misunderstanding.

Pride makes a stoic face, a hard heart, and few friends.

Walking with a young child either frustrates you because you can’t get anywhere or opens your eyes to the wonders around you that you usually ignore because they are are so common.

Grace gives others room to make mistakes and grow from them.

Forgiveness means I leave the consequences of your actions in God’s hands rather than plotting revenge. It does not mean I’ll let you continue to beat me up physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Happiness is light and fluffy and often accompanied by smiles and laughter.

Joy is knowing in the deepest part of my being that God is with me and will provide what I need. Joy skips along with happiness. Joy gives strength as our boots trudge through muck that tries to lock us in misery.

Thankfulness- gratitude- is easy to have when life is good. It is more helpful when life is rough and counting our blessings takes our eyes, if just for a few moments, off the current circumstances and to the bigger picture of our lives.

Have a blessed holiday season.

Cherish the good memories.

Let go of the pain.


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