Posted by: Beth | January 30, 2022

Grumpy to Content

               It was a grumpy day.  Oh, such a grumpy day.  I awakened to a child holding a carton of ice cream, smiling broadly, and proclaiming, “This, cookies, and gummies are what’s for breakfast.”  I am typically the first person in the house to awake.  Usually, by an hour or more. Not this day!  UGH! Sugar high and crash on the way and I have had no quiet time to start my day. 

            Fast forward through the day.  A very pleasant lunch with family.  Productive time outside doing a few chores.  Yes!  A reset and an enjoyable afternoon.

            Then BAM!  Back to the grumpies for NO apparent reason.  Thankfully there was very little time left in the day.  My husband, amazingly given my attitude, lead me through a reasonable conversation about the cause of my grumpiness.  As it turned out, I was worried about more than I was consciously thinking about. And most – no all – of it was outside my control.

            AH!  A good night’s rest.

            Some quiet in the morning.  Scripture and prayer.  My lap filled with wriggling love as my prayer partner and I finished up.  As soon as I hung up the phone, the older started reading aloud to the younger child.  I sat there and reflected on how life unfolds so differently than we expect or plan.   It’s up to us to choose what we focus on.  I can be grumpy over things I can’t control or I can rest in the knowledge that God will carry us through.  He always has.

            Cuddle time doesn’t last forever.  As I arose to prepare breakfast, I noticed the title of a study we are beginning soon.  It’s by Priscilla Shirer and entitled Breathe  making room for Sabbath.  Sabbath – a blessed time of resting with God.  For many years I tried to escape for a few days all by myself – to rest.  I would sleep, eat, read, and rest.  That hasn’t been a viable option recently.  I have had to re-learn how to rest in moments instead of weekends.  It is possible for an old dog to learn new tricks.  It takes effort.  But it can be done.  In those moments of prayer and cuddling, I had experienced Sabbath.  I was resting in God’s presence even while my responsibilities were right with me. 

            May we all learn to grasp and cherish those moments of rest and refreshing.


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