Posted by: Beth | February 1, 2023

New Mercies in the Morning

It’s been a hard day – emotionally.  Nothing significant really – no funeral or anything like that.  Just one little thing and then another.  This nagging headache isn’t helping matters any.  AND I got up tired this morning.  Later in the day I was thinking, “What’s the big deal about getting up tired?  I used to do that every day.  EVERY day.”  But, it’s been weeks, maybe a few months, since I got up this tired – the kind of tired that gives you brain fog on top of having no energy.

            Maybe this tiredness is leftovers from yesterday.  Yesterday was one of those days that looked like a pleasant, stay-at-home-a-while day.  Looked like – there’s the hint that I was not at home much. 

            A friend and I ate breakfast at Waffle House.  This was the only item on my calendar.  We ate and talked and laughed and laughed and talked 😊  We did not cry.  It was great.

            Then I took a child to the doctor about a nagging cough.  I had also noticed in the last few days that his epipen had expired, and wanted to get a new one.  Thankfully, that visit didn’t take long.

            Just before we got home, my sister-in-law called.  They were headed to ….. drum roll, please …. You guessed it! Waffle House.  Would we like to join them?  Went home, checked with husband (He said, “ no.”) and both children (They said, “ yes.”  ).  We arrived just as they were served.  The waitress said, “I’ve already waited on you once today.”  We all laughed.  Bless my sister-in-law and brother!  They took one of my errands and ran it.

            Once we were home again, it was tablet time.  Chuck and I had some cleaning to do while the boys were entertained.  We thought we had put toys and a few other things in storage.  We found out some of our son’s things were still there.  That was a bit of an emotional struggle.  (He died in October, 2018.)  But, we made it!  We saved a few things and trashed more. 

            School?  Yes, schoolwork.  We made time for paper and pencil schoolwork.  During this time I realized I had not received a text about the prescriptions being ready.  Well, duh!  They were at a new-to-him pharmacy.  Thankfully we were done in plenty of time for me to get there before they closed.  Of course I picked up a few groceries while in the store.

            Once home, we still had to get ready for co-op today.

            Of course, there were other conversations and texts.  Some were pleasant and others were stressful.

            If you’ve read this far and you aren’t tired just thinking about the activity, good for you!  If you’re wondering how I have energy to do it, I can share that another time.  For those of you with a house full of children, this sounds like a piece of cake! 😊  I admire your ability to get through the days.

            Regardless of your reaction, I hope we all can focus this evening on one of my favorite scriptures.  “His mercies are new every morning.” – the Prophet Jerimiah

            No matter how pleasant our day – or how stressful and out-of-sorts it is – God’s mercy and grace are showered on us anew every day.  Let us share that grace with those in our paths.


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