Posted by: Beth | February 19, 2023


               .  Some are well-thought-out; others, rants.  Some are very positive; others, negative.  There’s already a lot of articles and videos about the Asbury Revival. Rather than delve into what’s happening or how genuine it is, I want you to think about a few things closer to home.

            Have you been praying for revival?  I’ve seen quite a bit on Facebook about Christians wanting revival.  Every great awakening has been preceded by months of prayer – alone and in groups.

            If revival happens in your home, your church, your community …. What will it look like?

            If you want revival – a renewal of the first joy of your salvation, a rededication to following God closely, seeing others coming to know Jesus personally – are you willing to invest in the possibility?

            Are you willing to pray?

            Are you willing to be inconvenienced?  Getting back to Asbury for a moment – can you imagine your church, school, or community being flooded with hundreds or thousands of visitors when you had made no preparations?  People need water and restrooms and food and rest.

            The following inconveniences are more likely to happen.  An acquaintance calls ten minutes before your favorite TV show starts and really needs a listening ear.  Do you listen or hang up and your show?  Your child’s classmate has only worn-out shoes.  Can you buy a pair?  Elderly people in homes – many who spent years teaching, caring for children, serving in the military, working in production or maintenance, serving in ministry – sit alone most days.  Can we spare an hour a month to listen to their wisdom? 

            Are you willing to share what you know of Jesus, his love, his redemption, and his teachings?   Videos from Asbury have gone viral.  What are the chances someone in your neighborhood has seen them?  What are the chances that a young person in your town has seen them?  If they have questions, how will you react?  Will you judge the whole event at Asbury (good or bad, depending on your view)?  Will you walk through the door the video just opened for you?  Will you grab hold of that opportunity to share the gospel?  Are you willing to take the time to nurture and guide young believers, whatever their physical age?

            I think I’ve rambled a bit.  That’s not very unusual.  And I need to wrap this up. 

            Whatever your view on the Asbury Revival, if you call yourself a Christian, believer, follower of Christ, etc., PLEASE  find a way to use the interest generated to share the gospel.  Paul’s letters remind us to be ready to give a reason for your belief and use whatever means you can to reach people with the gospel.  If the means is a video, so be it.  Share the good news.


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