Posted by: Beth | May 8, 2023

no time for a picture

It’s one of THOSE afternoons.

No, not the kind where I’m battling a crisis.  I’m thankful for that.

No, no one is sick.  I’m glad.

It’s not even one of those days we’re gone for twelve hours or so.  We did have one of those last week, and survived very well thanks to a little help from some friends.

It’s not one of those weeks when we have so many appointments in different towns that the dirty laundry piles up, dishes are washed as needed rather than as dirtied, and the mail stays in the box a few days.  I can handle that mess because we are so busy and tired that I can ignore it.  If I don’t see it, I can’t do anything about it.

Oh no.  It’s none of those.  This is the week that we do have some “free” time at home.  The clean laundry needs folding. I heard a kitten in the house – which is NOT supposed to happen. (It wasn’t.  The door was open a minute.)  The sink has dirty dishes.  The mail needs to be opened and dealt with.  I have plants to get into containers or the ground.  Nothing unusual about any of that.  But, added to the piles of things that are still out of place after the tree fell and a child who cannot seem to acquire enough Lego sets and a few other things I would LIKE to do, it’s a bit much.

So …… at least today I sat to write a minute instead of playing a game on the phone.  That’s my usual I-can’t-decide-where-to-start activity.

While your list isn’t like mine, I have heard a number of folks express that they feel the same.  Too much to do.  Too little time or energy or both.   There’s a zillion or so books and podcasts to tell us how to set priorities and accomplish everything we need to do.  I’ve only read a few of them.

I have now accomplished another thing on my list – to write.  How much sense it makes doesn’t really matter to me at the moment; it’s just that I’ve done it.

And now that my spaghetti thoughts are written, and the boy is tapping his toe impatiently for me to help him spend his birthday money on Amazon, perhaps I can knock out another item or two.

Oh yeah, there’s that Paper Pie party I need to do a few things about.

A side of ADD anyone?  Seems I have some extra that I can share.


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